Beard Life

Welcome to Stylin In Dublin in 2017, apparently the beard is dead…..

Well I’m here to tell you that there is still plenty of beautiful bearded bastards that never cared about the beard trend, they cared about the beard. In this post I’m going to go through the products I use to look after my face fuzz.

I’m going to break down my beard routine into 3 sections

  1. Washing your beard
  2. Beard Care
  3. Beard Trimming

Washing Your Beard

You buy shampoo to wash the hair on your head so why would you not buy a specific product to wash the hair on your face? (On a side note if you use an all in one hair, face and body wash please do yourself a (grooming) favour and get individual tailored products for each area). I have two products I use depending on how long my beard is, one from Mr Natty and one from Lush Cosmetics 

Mr Natty Face Forest Soap

I love Mr Natty as a brand and all the products I’ve tried from them have done exactly what they’re made to do. Some of the main ingredients in it are olive oil, shea butter and peppermint oil. People always use “Squeaky Clean” as a saying for when something is as clean as can be, well the main thing I can say about FFS is it gets your beard Squeaky Clean and the peppermint oil smells super fresh and clean. This product works best when you have a bit of length in your beard, get your beard nice and wet in the shower, then lather up the soap bar in your hands, it soaps and foams up instantly so get that good stuff in your beard and rub it through the way you would shampoo on your hair. I usually do this at the start of my shower and then rinse it out at the end, your beard will feel immaculate. You can get Mr Natty products from Urban Outfitters or their own website here 

Lush Cosmetics Kalamazoo

This is both a facial and beard wash and I find it best when my beard is shorter. It doesn’t foam up in the same way as the FFS above so when my beard is long I find you need to use a lot of product to get good coverage. It’s got pineapple, apricot kernel oil and cupuaça butter (haven’t got a clue what cupuaça is but let’s be honest if Lush is using it then you k ow it’s good stuff). As above, get your beard nice and wet, rub a decent blob of this in to it, leave it in a few mins so it can do its thing and rinse for a a fresh and clean beard. Pop into a Lush store if you fancy giving it a go.

Beard Care

Right so you’ve washed your beard, job done and you’re good to go…….. WRONG.

You need to whack some beard oil in that bad boy now. Beard oil does two very important things, firstly it moisturises the skin underneath your beard. You moisturise your skin cause you don’t want it to be dry and flakey so if you don’t do that to the skin under your beard guess what you get, that’s right a dry and flakey beard. Secondly it helps to tame and soften the hair on your face which we all know can be a lot coarser than the hair on your head. I use the following two oils depending on what I’m up to

Tom Ford Oud Wood

I haven’t got a clue what oud is (if you care you can find out here) but it smells absolutely divine, every fragrance I’ve ever smelt that had oud in the title has been heaven to my nostrils. I use this one when I’m going out or fancier occasions. If you want people to smell your beard (If you’re wearing this they won’t have to stick their nose in your beard to smell it) and think “Wow, what is that smelling so awesome” then treat yourself to this. Once you’ve washed your beard either towel dry it if short or blast it with the hair dryer if longer, then drop a couple of drops of oil in the palms of your hands and then run them through your beard. Start from the bottom of your beard and work your way up and through, ensure you’re getting it all the way through to your skin underneath. You can pick this up in store at Brown Thomas

Mr Natty Famous Beard Elixir

The lads over at Mr Natty say “It’s like nectar, for your facial hair” and I definitely agree. I’d describe it as a more daily rugged smelling oil compared to the Tom Ford. It features grape seed, peach kernel and patchouli oil amongst plenty of other good stuff. If your looking for a cheaper everyday option or a really good first step into beard oil then definitely get yourself some of this. Jump on Mr Natty if you’re after some.

Trimming Your Beard

I don’t trim my beard very often, I go from short (which the Mrs likes) to full on face fuzz (which she likes a lot less). I usually trim it about once every 3 months and when I do I use The Remington Barba. I can’t remember which mens website recommended it as one of the best beard trimmers but they weren’t wrong and at only £23 off amazon if you need a beard trimmer this is the one to get. When I trim mine I put it on the “8 setting” which takes a good chunk off but isn’t designer stubble length. It’s rechargeable so no annoying batteries and lasts for up to 4o minutes with one charge.

So there you have it, now not only do you know that beards are still cool but also how to look after them and what to use on them. If you have any beard or menswear questions drop them in the comments or feel free to email me on
I hope you enjoyed my first blog of 2017, the plan is to post at least one every week on Sunday so keep an eye out for them….


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