Sunday Sesh – Brú Brewery Rí IPA

Welcome back to the Sunday Sesh, I hope you’ve had a great weekend up until now. It’s not over yet though, there’s still time for a beer before you’re back to work tomorrow.

This week I have a beautiful Irish beer for you from the Brú Brewery in County Meath.

This IPA is the opposite to last weeks option, Brú Rí hits you where you expect to be hit by an IPA, it’s a fresh bitter ale that gives you a bit of a refreshing slap in the face when you take your first sip.

The bottle says it has a fresh blast of citrus, pine and floral scents on the nose. I’m not gonna lie to you I didn’t spend much time smelling it as it tasted so good it kept saying to me “Get me in your belly”.

The Brú Brewery is in County Meath which is where the High Kings of Ireland lived, Rí is an ancient Gaelic word for King (I wish I could have learnt about beer in Irish class back in the day, then maybe more of it would have stuck in my head).

I wouldn’t reccomend having this beer with food due to it having a strong taste that will likely overpower what ever you’re having, but if you’re looking for a beautiful IPA that you can drink when having a few bottles at home give it a go.

Brú Rí is available in Tesco for €2.99 and was on a 4 for €10 deal when I got it.


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