Another Week, Another Beer. 

I’ve been working on a fashion post but to tide you all over (Let’s pretend lots of people read this blog) here’s another Sunday Sesh.

This week we’re going north of the border again to the Station Works Brewery in Newry and trying out their Journeyman Session IPA

This Is a cloudy golden IPA coming in at 4.5% abv. The bottle describes this beer as having “Bursting fruit flavours and aromas. It’s a well balanced IPA with light malt flavours and good hop character”. As I’ve said before I’m no beer expert, I’m just giving you my humble opinion, I didn’t get any fruit flavours off this beer, there was a slight fruity smell but i didn’t get a bang of grapefruit like you can off some IPAs.

I didn’t mind this beer, it was grand, it was fine, I’d drink it all night if I had to and would have no problem at all. I don’t think I’d seek it out the next time I’m trawling the beer aisles.

It gets a Stylin In Dublin rating of 6 steins out of 10 (Oh wow that’s my crazy new rating system that I’ve just thought up and will probably forget about next week).

The Journeyman Session IPA was 4 bottles for €10 at the time of purchasing (Most places seem to be doing 4 for €10 or a similar deal at the moment).

See you next week for the Sunday Sesh and hopefully I’ll have a fashion post up before them.

Cheers, Sean X.