The Sunday Sesh – Aldi’s O’Sheas Session Pale Ale

Howdy beer buddies and welcome to your favourite time of the week, it’s the Sunday Sesh with your resident beer know it all ( I know nothing except for what I personally like). 

This week I took a trip to Aldi to pick a beer for the Sunday Sesh. Aldi and Lidl can be fantastic places to buy craft beers, a lot of independent brewery’s couldn’t survive on sales of their own brands and to ensure survival will supply discount supermarkets with their beer with different labels and bottle tops to sell on the cheap. 

So the first think I noticed when I poured O’Sheas Session Pale Ale was it came out a bit flat, flat ales are a major pet peeve of mine, I know that in the U.K they’re mad for them and have a variety of those weird pull taps at every bar. I’m not a fan, they’re usually warm and add that to the flatness and you’ve got a big no from me. This beer isn’t supposed to be flat (as far as I know) so I may have got a dodgey bottle or maybe it’s just a dodgey beer.
It’s 4.1% which is a bit lighter than most craft beers and that’s what it tastes like, a light craft beer, it tastes like Diet Coke tastes compared to regular Coke (Please don’t say your one of those people that thinks they taste the same, cause they 100% don’t and I’m not sure we can be friends or you can read my blog if you think that).

It’s bland and boring and I wouldn’t be buying it again, nothing wrong with it, it’s just that there are so many good beers out there that why would you spend your time drinking OK ones.

Another odd thing is that on the front of the bottle it says “Craft Brewed In Ireland” and then on the back it says “Bottled In The UK”. So they make it in Ireland, then ship it in a giant Metal container on the back of a truck to the UK to stick it in a bottle, to then stick it back on a truck to Ireland??? Weird!

The O’Sheas Session Pale Ale was €1.49 at time of purchase

Beer amigos, by no means take this blog as a reason to not go to Aldi and try their craft beers, maybe don’t try this one but they do lots of craft beers at great prices and some of them are really good.

See you next week for the next part of The Sunday Sesh, PS I’m still working on that fashion blog I’ve been promising you 🙄


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