Sunday Sesh – Jack Cody’s Puck Pilsner

Hi guys I’m taking a short trip up the M1 to Drogheda for this weeks Sunday Sesh and trying out Jack Cody’s Puck Pilsner. I was out in Drogheda just after Christmas for a friends engagement party and tried some of Jack Cody’s beers, I remember trying them but not much more but that’s a story for another blog.

First thing I noticed when I took my first sip of this beer is that it was so light and easy to drink. Without noticing or trying to I’d drank the majority of the bottle as it goes down so easy and is in no way heavy like some craft beers can be. On the side of the bottle it says it’s “A crisp, refreshing beer”, they could not describe it any more accurately.

It also says on the bottle “As goats don’t shave, this beer is particularly suited to bearded men and women alike”. I’m all about the beard so any beer supporting it gets a thumbs up from me.

Puck Pilsner is 4.5% alc vol and as usual this beer was on a 4 for €10 deal when I bought it and from memory that was in Tesco.

I’m giving Puck Pilsner 8 Steins out of 10 and I’m recommending that you all (LoL, like there’s lots of you) go out and give this beer a go.


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