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Christmas Comes Early with the L’Occitane Advent Calendar

I purchased the beautiful L’Occitane Advent Calandar for my other half today. 

It’s got 24 of their top products including Hand Creams, Eau De Toilette, Shower Gels and Soaps.

It was €56 which I think is a bargain for 24 individual products, they say the separate value of the products is €100.

I’d recommend it as a early Christmas present for the special person in your life who likes to pamper themselves, it’s not even November yet and two of the windows in this one have already been opened 😂

The packaging and presentation is top notch as you would expect from L’Occitane 

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Everyday Essentials – Part 1

The Lint Roller

In my opinion everyone needs to have at least one of these in there house, they cost basically nothing (You can pick them up in H&M for €0.99) and are one of the easiest ways to make yourself look better.

You don’t need to buy new clothes to look good, you do need to look after your clothes to put the best foot forward though. Anyone who owns anything in black will know it gets covered in fluff, dust, dead skin etc. For less than a euro you will always have your clothes looking fresher, cleaner and newer.

Give one a go, I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t become part of your everyday routine.


Everyday Scent

A lot of people will probably tell you that you need to invest heavily in a fragrance but I beg to differ. When it comes to a great everyday scent that won’t break the bank look no further than CK one. Some will look past it cause of the “Bang of the 90s” off it but it is a classic fragrance that doesn’t overpower making it perfect for everyday wear.

You can usually pick up a 200ml (Yes it’s MASSIVE) for around 35 quid. Next time you’re out looking for a new fragrance give it a go, trust me, you’ll like it and so will everyone who smells you…